Understanding Home Loan Terms

Understanding Home Loan Terms

Understanding Home Loan Terms
Understanding Home Loan Terms

Understanding Home Loan Terms

Getting a home loan is significant and it signifies that someone has started a trip towards buying a house at some point in life. Terminology comprehension is essential when it comes to comprehending various types of home loans. Our comprehensive guide decodes mortgage speak language by putting you through a road map leading unto the house of your dreams.


In many ways, such thing as getting a mortgage represents an important milestone for any individual who desires it. But in order to do that, it contains its own hardships and unclear technical terms when talking about those concepts. Before you apply for any homeowner’s loan as a first-time buyer or a refinancer, you need to be aware of all the different loan-related terms and use them to your advantage when making decisions regarding your purchase.

The Basics: What Is a Home Loan?

Mortgage or Home Loan is a sum of money which is given by a financial institution towards buying a house. These borrowed funds must be repaid together with interests and principal.

Types of Home Loans

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Stable loan and fixed-rate mortgage is allowed. Monthly payments remain the same hence predictable for future planning.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Variable interest that varies at a point in time is known as ARM. At first, they could be low and then rise later.

Interest-Only Loan

For example, in case of an interest only mortgage, you may pay just the interest only for a specified time. Then you start repaying principal as well as the interests.

FHA Loan

An FHA loan works well for the first time home buyer as it usually requires little or no initial cash outlay.

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VA Loan

With such features as zero money-down, eligible veterans are able to acquire a VA loan.

Top home loan terms you should know.


It is the initial sum needed to buy a household without any charges of interest.


In effect, interest is what a borrower pays to a lender for use of the latter’s funds over a specified duration.


Here, loan installments include repaying of both the principle and interest in equal monthly basis throughout loan tenure.

Down Payment

In this case, it means the part of the first installment that you pay when buying a house. The larger is the down payment, the more likely are better conditions of the loan.


Your equity is equal to the current house value, that is value of a house on a market at this moment minus mortgage balance.

Understanding Loan Documents

Loan Estimate (LE)

The Lender’s Estimate of Closing Costs and Terms-The Loan Estimate.

Closing Disclosure (CD)

The final disclosure will include the exact loan term, closure cost and money needed for closure in a document called Closing Disclosure. Gives it a final look and signs off.

Promissory Note

Simply put, it means that you are indebted towards payment as agreed in the contract of loan transaction.

Mortgage Deed

By granting a mortgage, the lender gains a legal right into possession in the event that the borrower fails to pay back the loan.

Home Loan Process: From Application to Closing

Through every stage of your mortgage journey—from pre-approval, via the selection of a house to closing loans finally.

Top Loans for Home.

Find ways of boosting your credit score, preparing for a downpayment, and choosing the right loan.

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Understanding various home loan terms can help when making an informed decision on buying a property. This book will help guide you step by step and make it simpler for a person to get through the different stages in home financing. Always remember, a smart buyer is more likely to get a mortgage matching his or her financial dreams and hopes.

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